Thursday, January 19, 2012



The ego, living in its insane world would have us believe that to have something or someone within reach requires manipulation. On the subtle level, manipulation can be used intentionally, with some awareness, and unintentionally, without awareness or unconsciously. Either way, manipulation is done out of fear and only creates more guilt and shame, karma and illusion that will eventually have to be surfaced, whether in the form of crisis or emergence.

Manipulating really stems from a fear of not being able to be oneself. The more able one is be in the world without fear, the more courageous to be oneself and the less manipulative therefore. As the new age dawns, we will eventually become more and more aware of our self-deceptive ways and the unconscious manipulation created through the fear of not being oneself. This awareness and the subsequent choices may look many ways.

On one end, it will bring with it self-love, the presence of a love that is divine, warm, understanding, a guiding light. This guiding light will help us to be more courageous, to communicate and confront fear and it will also bring greater acceptance of oneself and therefore the world. On the other end, it will bring more fear, a sense of shaming one’s shame for being manipulative. This could manifest as more self-loathing, tendencies and habits that are self-destructive. This shaming of shame is really the ego’s demise, for only with awareness can the fear dissolve. The ego, which lives on guilt, shame and fear, will want to hold on to the fear, to keep manipulating therefore. One may find him or herself in a battle of light and dark, between love and fear.

It is good therefore to take extra time for self-love practices, incorporating throughout the day- daily affirmations, present moment awareness- of beauty, gratitude and love, a practice devoted to being One with God, loving the body and nourishing the soul. Because we have been so programmed to react in ways that are defended, to hide our guilt, shame and fear, we also must practice forgiveness. While greater awareness of that which we do not like may be difficult, it is in doing the work that we become clear, more in truth, which is love.

It is also important to note that because One becomes more aware of manipulation within Self, he or she may also become more aware of it in "others." Do not make this real by reacting to it, for to react, would be to bring it into existence and make it true, creating more of a wall or barrier. Instead, stay centered. If someone seems to be manipulating, state how what was done made you feel. It will get easier with practice and over time.

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Great awareness to have.....A+ :-)