Friday, February 17, 2012

When you confront...

Confront without shaming or making guilty.
Confront your own fear to have the capacity to confront theirs with them.

When you confront, do it with love or not at all.
Do it without attachment.
Do it with grace, in knowing that what you confront, it is not the truth, it is not the whole truth.
The truth is love and what you confront is ego.
When you confront, they may feel fear, shame. They may feel guilty.
The awareness that you bring may be difficult.
They might not be ready for it and it may come as a surprise.
Therefore, confront only if they ask for it.
When you confront, they must also feel your love, your compassion.
However, they may not be open to receiving it either.
So they may project. They may deflect. They may defend themselves for what is being confronted; it is the exact thing that they have been protecting themselves from.
This is why when you confront, you must do it without attachment, but with love in your heart.

If they are defended, get clear about what they heard you say.
Let them repeat what you said back to you.

Hold the seat of love for what comes up.

When you confront, do it without attachment.
Do it with curiosity and wonder.
Do it knowing that
there is no right.
nor is there wrong.
Only know that it may help them.
and do it without a care of knowing further.
Hold the seat of love, with compassion in your heart.
Hold the seat of love, with the only real knowing that
who they are is LOVE.

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